What is Funny Picture Gif maker?

• Take a selfie or take a photo to your friends or pets, and put the face in one of the animated characters we have created. Choose one from our large list of cartoons and be the main character of funny animated GIFs.

• Look for old photos in your gallery, and create short GIFs to share with your friends.

• Add your own photos as background or select one from our library to make your fun GIFs more realistic.

• Share your funny GIFs by any social media.

• Save your animations directly to your device and use them whenever necessary.

There is a character to any situation. Express your funny ideas with your friends, and turn your messages into an amazing collection of GIFs, with the large list of combinations for you to say anything in the most creative way.

By using our Face Video app, the user will be asked to take a picture of his/her face in order to be added automatically to our vast collection of animated images.

The images taken using the camera feature within the app will not be shared or exposed to any third party or cloud service.

These pictures will be stored within the app for convenience of future usage. If the user deletes the app from the device or deletes the pictures manually these will be deleted completely.

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